Newsletter – Diversity, Equity, Inclusion 2021 Q1

Apr 20, 2021 | Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Newsletter


Quarter 1, 2021 Newsletter

CMBG3’s D.E.I. program has four core areas of impact, which are represented as the firm’s four pillars on which our D.E.I. is built. Each quarter, we let you know exactly how the firm fulfilled its promises under each D.E.I. pillar, and we encourage you to reach out to us with any suggestions that you might have that will strengthen our D.E.I. initiatives for the firm, the legal community, and society as a whole.

Pillar 1

Education & Training

Pillar 2

Career & Industry

Pillar 3

Community Impact

Pillar 4


Pillar 1 – Education & Training

MISSION: Educate all of our team to bring awareness, self-reflection, and a greater capacity for acceptance, change, and inclusion

In the first quarter of 2021, we fulfilled our mission to educate our team on diverse issues by offering informational resources and in person speakers on D.E.I. issues, including:

CMBG3 Hosts DEI Expert Jermaine Moore On Courageous Conversations Training

On March 26, 2021, the CMBG3 team was able to participate in a training session on engaging in courageous conversations with Jermaine Moore, founder of the Mars Hill Group. Mr. Moore has spent two decades working with companies of all sizes, including Fortune 500 companies, on diversity initiatives.

Pillar 2 – Career & Industry

Mission: Ensure that our team and the legal field achieves the diversity that is reflected in society and that career opportunities are afforded to all

In just the first three months of 2021, CMBG3 was proud to continue its commitment to offering leadership opportunities to and advancing team members of diverse backgrounds in close to ten different ways:

Seta Accaoui Named Chair of CMBG3 DEI Committee

We are very pleased to announce that Seta Accaoui was named as Chair of the firm’s DEI initiative. Our announcement is especially timely, as we are committed to celebrating our status as a majority women-owned law firm, and Seta’s leadership position in our firm for DEI is just one of many examples of our team’s women leading important areas of our law firm.

Pillar 3 – Community Impact

Mission: Continuously bring awareness to issues impacting our community and nation, and work to effectuate real change

With hate crimes against the Asian American Pacific Islander community increasing in shocking numbers in 2021 alone, CMBG3 chose to speak out against the discrimination, bias and senseless hate crimes towards the AAPI community and stand in solidarity with all members of the AAPI community:

CMBG3 Stands In Solidarity With the AAPI Community

Last week, our team learned with the rest of the world of the heinous and senseless murder of eight people, six being members of the Asian American community, in an Asian-owned spa in Atlanta…

Pillar 4 – Wellness

Mission: Ensure that the benefits we offer employees are inclusive and account for diverse backgrounds and situations of all of our team

One of CMBG3’s newest benefits in 2021 is offering all employees two paid floater holidays of choice, which can be used for individual religious or culturally significant practices. In addition, the firm now offers all employees one paid day of choice that can be used to participate in an event of personal significance for a social justice issue, including rallies, marches, or peaceful demonstrations. These offerings are in addition to all employees’ regularly offered paid time off and firm holidays


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