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Meeting Compliance

Identify legislation that will impact your business and recommend action steps to avoid disruption of business

Help clients develop comprehensive compliance programs to lower risk and reduce costs


Specialists in California’s Proposition 65, which regulates over 900 chemicals and requires detailed compliance steps from companies that sell, distribute, or manufacture
products in California

Suzanne Englot, former Environmental Health and Safety Consultant, provides unique
expertise to ensure regulatory compliance

Health & Safety

Develop ways to integrate regulatory compliance systems with environmental
monitoring and measuring

Help clients achieve compliance objectives with health and safety training and

Create policies and procedures that encompass employee health and safety

Help companies with workplace violations achieve quick compliance

Environmental Litigation

Examples of environmental litigation cases that we have handled include:


Post-fire contamination cases


Hazardous waste site cleanup cases


Transportation of hazardous waste cases


Underground oil tank and boiler release cases


Land, property, and water contamination, including CERCLA claims


PFAS contamination


Prop 65 litigation cases


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Regulated chemicals for which we counsel clients

Team members specializing in environmental issues

States in which we represent clients for environmental issues

Experts in California’s Prop 65 regulations

Overturning Massachusetts DEP’s Decision to Levy Fines

Our client was a light industrial company that, due to the nature of its work, stored several types of liquid and chemical waste on its property for later disposal. A fire damaged a large portion of the company building where the chemicals were stored. It was determined to be an accidental fire; however, the fire caused several containers of chemicals to explode, leading to contamination of the company’s land. The Massachusetts DEP investigated the chemical runoff from the fire and alleged that the chemicals had permeated public land and waterways at levels above allowable concentrations. Our investigation of surrounding industrial sources of pollution, our site inspections, and soil and water samples performed by an expert LSP enabled us to write a comprehensive response report to the DEP showing that the chemical pollution was confined to the company’s property and had likely never contaminated public soil or waterways. With our report and negotiations with the DEP, the agency dismissed the Notice of Responsibility against our client, thereby saving our client thousands of dollars in fines.

California Team

Christine D. Calareso


New England Team

John P. Gardella


Bryna Rosen Misiura


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