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By: Matthew Lite, Esq. Experts often provide the most impactful and influential testimony a jury hears at trial.  Unfortunately, even though many experts possess advanced college degrees and other impressive credentials, and testify with an air of confidence, that...

Whitney Barrows To Provide Opening Remarks At DRI Asbestos Medicine

CMBG3 Law's Whitney Barrows will be at the DRI Asbestos Medicine Conference in San Diego from November 2 through November 4, 2022, and had the honor of being asked to provide opening remarks and introduce the speakers for the Young Lawyers' Sessions on Thursday,...
PFAS lawsuits

Summary Judgment Obtained In Asbestos Mesothelioma Case

At the end of last week, the CMBG3 Team secured a favorable ruling on a Motion for Summary Judgment in Los Angeles Superior Court.  Plaintiffs asserted that decedent was exposed to asbestos during his time in the United States Navy while on board several vessels from...
PFAS lawsuits

Summary Judgment Secured In Serious Asbestos Case

Last week, in the matter In re Toy Asbestos, the trial court in the Northern District of California granted CMBG3's client's (defendant Armstrong International, Inc.) motion for summary judgment (Toy - Dkt 563 - Order Granting Armstrong's MSJ). After serving in the...

David Goldman and Eric Robbie Win RI Summary Judgment For Client

A 14 page decision handed down on October 27, 2020 by Justice Alice B. Gibney, Presiding Justice of the Rhode Island Superior Court, granted a summary judgment motion briefed and argued by CMBG3 attorneys David Goldman and Eric Robbie on behalf of an equipment...
EPA contaminant list

EPA Science Panel Will Impact Asbestos Regulations

On October 1, 2020, the EPA announced the nominees for the approximately 15 additional spots on the TSCA Scientific Advisory Committee on Chemicals (“SACC”). SACC is a group of experts chosen by the EPA to “provide independent scientific advice and recommendations to...

EPA’s Asbestos Problem: Pending Litigation and Draft Risk Evaluation

Multiple States’ Attorneys General and asbestos advocacy groups are suing EPA in the Federal District Court for the Northern District of California[1]. The plaintiffs are seeking judicial intervention concerning EPA “arbitrary and capricious” decision to deny states’...

Rhode Island Superior Court Establishes a Formal Protocol for Remote Depositions

Covid-19 has impacted all phases of American life, and the nation’s legal system has certainly not been immune.  However, after an initial period of uncertainty, lawyers and court systems across the country have adapted to the situation in order to keep the wheels of...

EPA’s New Asbestos Determination May Upend Decades of Science and Impact Litigation

The word “asbestos” is a term colloquially known as a hazard.  Below the surface, though, while the average person knows from television ads that they may be entitled to compensation if they are exposed to asbestos, they almost surely do not know that asbestos is a...

States and NGOs Fight Back Against Asbestos Petition Denied By EPA

Last week, we reported on the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) apparent about-face on its position as to whether it has sufficient information from companies regarding asbestos use in order to determine whether further limitations should be places on the...

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Hart v. Keenan Properties, Inc.

CMBG3’s California team was hired by a company involved in the Alameda County asbestos litigation to appeal a jury award in favor of a plaintiff for $1.6 million in damages. The trial involved a 63-year old laborer who alleged that he installed thousands of feet of asbestos-cement pipe on a six month job in northern California between 1976 and 1977. The asbestos-cement pipe was allegedly supplied by the company that hired Joe Gunter and Christine Calareso to appeal the jury verdict to the California Appellate Court. The only evidence that plaintiff produced to support his claim that our client supplied the asbestos-cement pipe was testimony from the plaintiff’s foreman, who claimed to remember signing invoices 40 years ago with our client’s name on the documents. None of the alleged invoices were ever produced – nevertheless, over objections, the trial court allowed the testimony to be presented.

At oral argument before the Appellate Court, Joe argued that the evidence produced against our client was inadmissible hearsay – an extremely difficult argument to make given that finding in CMBG3’s favor would require the Appellate Court to overturn not only the trial judge’s rulings on the issue, but also the conclusions of the jury during the trial. The Appellate Court agreed, finding that the trial judge should have excluded the testimony of the foreman since the documents were not available. The 16 page ruling in favor of our client gave the company a major victory, as it reversed the damages awarded by the jury at the trial. The Appellate Court case was argued before the First Appellate Division, Division Five, Docket Number A152692.

This case gained national notoriety due to the difficulty of the argument, and received media attention, notably from the San Francisco Chronicle.

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