Americans with Disabilities Act

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Complying with the

Americans with Disabilities Act

is not straightforward

It requires more consideration than many companies have the expertise to tackle. Our attorneys have years of experience defending companies against ADA compliance lawsuits. We also advise companies to ensure that they are fully compliant with the ADA, which has helped companies avoid costly and time-consuming lawsuits.

Compliance Assessments

Is my business website ADA compliant? Are the sidewalks, parking lots, bathrooms, aisleways, stairways and other physical structures ADA compliant? Do internal policies ensure equal experiential access to your business? These and many other questions carry significant risks to companies if not addressed properly. CMBG3 Law conducts a full compliance audit of your business to ensure that your company is protected.

Reasonable Accommodation Requests

An employee request for an accommodation triggers numerous obligations under the ADA. CMBG3 Law helps you determine how to respond to the accommodation request, tailored to avoiding lawsuits for disparate treatment or discrimination.

Litigation Defense

CMBG3 Law collectively has over 300 years of experience in litigation, including ADA compliance matters. If your business is accused of ADA violations, we will defend you through trial to deliver the best result for your business.

Our Expertise on

Americans with
Disabilities Act

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Business structure / architecture accessibility

Business policies and procedures for disability accommodations

Unruh Civil Rights Act claims in California

Case Studies

ADA Compliant Website

Our client was a small business that was sued for failing to make its company website fully ADA compliant. In addition to demands to bring the website into compliance, our client was sued for tens of thousands of dollars in alleged damages. Our experienced ADA compliance and litigation attorneys fought to ensure that the client ultimately only had to ensure that its website was compliant with ADA regulations, without having to pay penalties or damages of any kind. We achieved the result for our client by knowing all of the intricacies of the state disability laws and the Department of Justice’s regulations on website compliance, which are extremely complex and nuanced.