Litigation Management

Litigation management means different things to different people.  To some it is a focus on streamlining processes and procedures to reduce costs by eliminating inefficiencies in litigation.  To others it is a phrase used to organize extensive quantities of information.  To CMBG3, gold standard litigation management means analyzing a client’s needs from a holistic, big-picture level, setting a strategic defense plan, identifying benchmarks, tracking trends and goals, and using state-of-the art technology to organize and reduce costs so that our attorneys are focused on accomplishing your goals rather than being mired in unnecessarily complex organization and reporting.

CMBG3 Law’s litigation management service protocol includes:

  • The Assessment Phase starts with a listening ear. We learn about our client’s business, industry, concerns, and legal needs, and identify what a “win” looks like to our client.  We assess all aspects of the situation with an eye toward big-picture, proactive, long term planning rather than taking a reactionary approach to litigation needs.
  • The Strategic Planning Phase begins after we have thoroughly analyzed all options for a client.  We then present options and partner with the client to develop a strategic defense plan.  Once we agree on a plan for the client’s needs, we identify the team and resources necessary to execute the plan.
  • Team and Resource Assessment.  One of the most important differences between CMBG3 and other firms is that we have a diverse group of exceptionally skilled attorneys, advisors and paralegals who set their egos aside and work collaboratively to bring the right skills to the job in order to act in the best interest of our clients.  It does not matter who in our firm has the client relationship, we give the client what they need and work together to bring the best to each situation.  Whether you need a trial attorney, an expert motion, an appellate writer and oral advocate, a national negotiator, document management and discovery formulation, deposition taker, or strategic advisor, we have the team members to suit your needs.
  • Technology.  What really sets our services apart from other law firms is our ability to custom-make databases and software to suit the specific plan for a client.  Although any firm can hire a database programmer to create a database for them, not every firm has an attorney who understands the specific needs of the legal situation, the best approach to organizing large volumes of information to achieve the desired result, and has the ability to program and customize a database. We do. Our Partner, Bryna Misiura, combines her 30 years of mass tort and class action litigation experience as an attorney with her unique skill at personally custom-tailoring databases to create a tool that works for your client’s very specific needs in a way that is cost effective for efficient reporting and analyzing trends.
  • Expert Strategy.  Our litigation management plans also include developing and working with the right experts to support our clients’ needs.  We have relationships with industry experts in many disciplines.  We also identify, assess and prepare experts from the ground up.  Consulting experts and testifying experts require proper vetting, developing, preparing and defending, and this work should never be delegated to another firm.  We hand-select our witnesses and they show up for us in the courtroom.
  • Quarterly Review.  Once we implement a litigation plan, we have quarterly reviews to ensure that we are meeting benchmarks and goals.