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We have over 300 years of combined experience assessing future risks for our clients

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Our clients have saved millions of dollars from our due diligence and future risk assessment consulting

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Our diversity in client types gives us a big picture perspective on markets, risks, and trends that other law firms lack. We see risks from all angles for our clients because we have experts that dedicate their practices to niche specialties that no other law firms have, which bring unparalleled foresight to our clients’ business risks

Our Clients

Our predictions and risk assessments are trusted by Fortune 500 companies, private equity and investment firms, mergers and acquisitions companies, insurance companies, and small businesses, among others

Media Recognition

Our experts are regularly interviewed by and published in leading industry publications on future risk predictions, including Bloomberg, New York Times, AM Best, National Law Review, and Yahoo Finance

Case Study

The Authority on PFAS

A Due Diligence Case Study

John Gardella was recently contacted by a group of private equity investors that had representatives from six of the country’s top ten private equity firms. In an invitation-only event, Attorney Gardella spoke to over fifty private equity representatives on the investment portfolio risks associated with PFAS to sectors such as manufacturing, industry, waste management, construction, utilities, and insurance. These risks are not widely understood, and Attorney Gardella was sought out for his expertise based on his years of thought leadership and due diligence advising about PFAS. As a result of the session, attendees from the event adjusted portfolio content to reduce risk from unforeseen PFAS concerns to investors, thereby strengthening the security of their equity offerings.

California PFAS Ban In Products: 6th Largest Global Economy Enters the Fray

We reported extensively on the landmark legislation passed in Maine in 2021 and Minnesota in 2023, which were at the time the most far-reaching PFAS ban in the United States. Other states, including...

TSCA PFAS Final Reporting Rule Is Here

We have previously written regarding EPA's efforts to create new PFAS rulemaking under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). On September 28, 2023, EPA released its TSCA PFAS final rule, which...

John Gardella Will Present At PCPC Legal Conference On Emerging Litigation Risks

Please join John Gardella of CMBG3 Law in Quebec on May 10, 2023, when he will speak to PCPC members on emerging contaminants of concern to the cosmetics and beauty industries, and the litigation...

John Gardella To Speak At Dealmakers M&A Conference

Please join John Gardella on March 23, 2023 for the Boston Dealmakers Conference. John will participate on a panel discussion with three prominent executives on the topic entitled “SOLD! Ensuring...

ASTM Standards and PFAS….Not So Fast

On March 14, 2022, we reported on the EPA's adoption of revised American Society for Testing and Material (“ASTM”) standards that would, for the first time, include a reference to PFAS. The ASTM...

ASTM PFAS Standards Closer To Adoption By EPA

In June 2021, we predicted that the American Society for Testing and Material (“ASTM”) would revise its existing “gold standard” for environmental due diligence – the Phase I environment site...

Restaurant Greenwashing: Diners Beware or Industry Beware?

In June 2021, a class action lawsuit was filed in California in which restaurant greenwashing was alleged due to sustainability statements made on Red Lobster's menus. Now, Red Lobster has filed...

ESG and Fashion: New York Takes Aim At the Industry

ESG and fashion are certainly en vogue in 2022, at least with regulators and legislators. Yesterday, we wrote about the United Kingdom's intent to target the fashion industry in 2022 over alleged...

Greenwashing and Fashion Industry: UK’s Next Target

As the cosmetics industry bore the brunt of a pair of significant greenwashing lawsuits in the United States at the end of 2021, it is now the fashion industry that is the target of regulatory...

John Gardella To Speak At Dealmakers M&A Conference

Please join John Gardella on January 20, 2022 for the virtual Boston Dealmakers Conference. John will moderate a panel discussion of three prominent executives on the topic of "Navigating the...

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Chemical/Toxins Issues
Asbestos, PFAS, Talc


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Regulatory Compliance
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John Gardella


PFAS, Environmental, Litigation

John Gardella and his team were recognized by National Law Review as the only Thought Leader in the nation in 2020 on the subject of PFAS. Attorney Gardella regularly consults with corporate, insurance, and financial world clients to assess risks in a multitude of transaction types. While he has specialized his practice for the past five years on the subject of PFAS, he has fifteen years of litigation and environmental practice that shapes the expertise that he offers to his clients to predict future risks. His opinions are sought out by media, such as Bloomberg, AM Best, and numerous industry-specific publications.

Christine Calareso


Asbestos, Litigation, Talc

Christine Calareso has litigated and negotiated thousands of lawsuits for clients in her career, and her experience and predictive abilities in the asbestos risks and talc risks areas make her the most sought-after consultant for firms conducting due diligence investigations in these areas. Attorney Calareso has consulted for risk assessment and consulting groups in the United States and abroad on asbestos and talc due diligence matters during her eighteen-year legal career.

Jeniffer A.P. Carson

Managing Partner

Asbestos, Litigation, Talc

Jeniffer Carson has over twenty years of experience litigating asbestos and talc cases, including consulting with companies and insurance industry leaders on future risks associated with these substances. Her ability to identify future risks to companies from these substances has earned her the trust of countless clients of all sizes, and led to her being invited to testify before the Food and Drug Administration at a government hearing on future talc issues.

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