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D.E.I. at CMBG3

What divides us pales in comparison to what unites us. ~Edward Kennedy

A majority women owned law firm

The Four Pillars Of Our D.E.I. Mission

To us, “diversity”, “inclusion”, and “equity” should never be catch phrases that law firms market on their website, but fail to live up in practice. At CMBG3, we recognize that diverse and inclusive teams create a stronger organization and result in the best results for our clients. One of the core philosophies of our firm is “strength in diversity”, and our vision is to cultivate a culture where all team members – regardless of race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, religion, or national origin – can have and can see a path to long term success.

We fulfill our commitment in four primary ways:

Education & Training

  • MISSION: Educate all of our team to bring awareness, self-reflection, and a greater capacity for acceptance, change, and inclusion
  • ACTIONS: Guest lecturers on critical D.E.I. topics, an internal library and resource center for further education, unconscious bias training, incorporating D.E.I. practices into fabric of the firm to ensure that policies, procedures, systems, and opportunities are done with equity in mind

Career & Industry

  • MISSION: Ensure that our team and the legal field achieves the diversity that is reflected in society and that career opportunities are afforded to all
  • ACTIONS: We ensure D.E.I. initiatives are built into recruiting, training, hiring, developing employees, engaging with employees, mentoring, and creating promotional pathways. Externally, we support programs that look to provide people of diverse background with opportunities otherwise not afforded to them

Community Impact

  • MISSION: Continuously bring awareness to issues impacting our community and nation, and work to effectuate real change
  • ACTIONS: Working in conjunction with the CMBG3 Cares program to ensure that the firm supports organizations to support the mission, and ensure that our team is given opportunities to volunteer with organizations that support diverse causes


  • MISSION: Ensure that the benefits we offer employees are inclusive and account for diverse backgrounds and situations of all of our team
  • ACTIONS: Ensure that the firm’s benefits provide equitable support, including medical, dental, and parental leave; offer varied wellness programs to our team to provide outlets for our team members’ mental and physical health; offer flex time off options for employees’ diverse cultural and religious beliefs, and to enable team members to support D.E.I. related causes that speak to them personally

Our Commitment Goes Beyond Words…

It’s In Our Numbers and Actions

CMBG3 is proud to be a majority women-owned law firm.


of our total team are women


of our paralegals are women


of our attorneys are women


of our administrative team are women

Most of our firm’s leadership positions are filled by team members of diverse backgrounds:

  • Managing Partner
  • Director of California offices
  • Supervising Partner of our Irvine, CA office
  • Director of Government Relations and Public Affairs
  • Director of Human Resources
  • Head Paralegal
  • Director of Finance & Accounting
  • Supervisor of Firm’s Administrative Team
  • Chair of D.E.I. Program
  • Head of Employee Development

Recent D.E.I. Initiatives

CMBG3 Honors Memorial Day In Several Ways

In order to honor our veterans, give back to veterans and their families in need, and to bring awareness to the CMBG3 team about the mental health issues that our returning soldiers face, the CMBG3 Cares group (which...

Asian / Pacific American Heritage Month

May is Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month, which recognizes the significant accomplishments and contributions made by Asian Americans and Pacific Islander Americans to our rich history, diversity and culture....

Christine Calareso To Speak At Women In Law Event

Christine Calareso was selected by the Boston University Women In Law club to speak on April 22, 2021 to women about life as a lawyer, challenges faced by women in the legal world, and how Attorney Calareso overcame...

Newsletter – Diversity, Equity, Inclusion 2021 Q1

Diversity Equity Inclusion Quarter 1, 2021 NewsletterCMBG3’s D.E.I. program has four core areas of impact, which are represented as the firm’s four pillars on which our D.E.I. is built. Each quarter, we let you know...

Alleli Carino Spotlighted At Pinay Powerhouse Conference

On March 19-21, 2021, CMBG3's Alleli Carino attended the Pinay Powerhouse conference, which is a women's conference focused on empowering Filipina attorneys and aspiring attorneys as leaders in the law. The conference...

Christine Calareso Accepted To Prestigious Attorney Association

Christine Calareso was recently selected as a member of the prestigious International Associate of Defense Counsel, a 100 year old invitation-only group comprised of the world’s leading corporate and insurance lawyers...

CMBG3 Hosts DEI Expert Jermaine Moore On Courageous Conversations Training

On March 26, 2021, the CMBG3 team was able to participate in a training session on engaging in courageous conversations with Jermaine Moore, founder of the Mars Hill Group. Mr. Moore has spent two decades working with...

CMBG3 Honors Transgender Day of Visibility

Transgender Day of Visibility (“TDOV”) is celebrated every year on March 31st. This day was originally founded in 2009 by Rachel Crandall, a Michigan-based transgender activist and the Executive Director of Transgender...

CMBG3 Commemorates Cesar Chavez Day

Today, in commemoration of Cesar Chavez Day, CMBG3's California offices (Irvine and San Francisco) are closed as a paid holiday to all California employees. "Chavez left a legacy as an educator, environmentalist, and a...

Leadership Advancement and New Hires

We are thrilled to share news of our team members' new promotions, and welcome our newest team members. Our announcements are especially timely, as we are committed to celebrating our status as a majority women-owned...

D.E.I. Committee

Seta Accaoui

Seta Accaoui

Chair of CMBG3 D.E.I. Program

Christine Calareso

Christine Calareso

Partner & Director of California Offices

Amaran Toppa

Amaran Toppa

Director of Client Relations & Development

John Gardella

John Gardella


Bryna Misiura

Bryna Misiura