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CMBG3 Wins Appeal of Asbestos Verdict In California

  On October 26, 2018, CMBG3 won on its appeal from a $1.6M verdict in a living mesothelioma case venued in Alameda County, California.  In a 16-page opinion, the California Appellate Court found that the only evidence presented at trial against CMBG3’s client...

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Appellate practice begins once a judge or jury rules unfavorably on an issue or a case, and cannot be taken lightly. Convincing an appellate panel of judges that a court ruled incorrectly on certain issues requires precise and convincing legal writing, accompanied with persuasive argument of the points to the appellate judges. CMBG3 Law’s East Coast and West Coast teams have experience appealing cases on both coasts. Clients recognize our appellate skills such that we have been hired by companies that we did not represent during the litigation stage solely for the purpose of persuading an appellate court of the merits of our clients’ arguments.

How Are We Different?

Unlike traditional appellate practices in other law firms, we do not begin examining appellate issues once trial is over and there is a need to appeal.

CMBG3’s team begins protecting your appellate rights before a case even goes to trial by preparing motions for the trial court to rule on, making a clear record of defenses, objections, and positions on pre-trial and trial issues, filing for interlocutory appeal prior to trial on critical issues, and carefully crafting directed verdict arguments at the close of evidence at trial. All of this lays the foundation for ensuring that your rights are fully protected should you ever wish to appeal a legal ruling or jury verdict.

Unlike law firms where the litigation and appellate practice groups are siloed and do not communicate with one another, CMBG3’s team approach ensures that our trial counsel and our appellate counsel advise one another during the entire life of your case, thereby ensuring that you receive the service that you deserve.

Appellate Team

Jeniffer A.P. Carson


Eric J. Robbie


How We Can Help You

If you are in need of appellate counsel or have pending cases that, while still in the litigation phase, may warrant appellate analysis, we can help you.

We tailor our approach to appellate work to ensure that our clients are fully informed of the process, the length of time that an appellate ruling could take, and the potential costs. We will work with you to fully understand your goals from a business perspective and ensure that we accomplish those goals at a reasonable cost. To do so, we work with clients and are open to considering alternate fee agreements for our appellate work.

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