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We were the only law firm in the U.S. in 2020 to be recognized as a thought leader on PFAS by the National Law Review.

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PFAS Regulation: Business Should Plan Now for Financial Impacts

PFAS settlement earmarks $4bn for clean-up

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John Gardella


John Gardella and his team were recognized by National Law Review as the only Thought Leader in the nation in 2020 on the subject of PFAS. Attorney Gardella regularly consults with corporate, insurance, and financial world clients to assess risks in a multitude of transaction types. While he has specialized his practice for the past five years on the subject of PFAS, he has fifteen years of litigation and environmental practice that shapes the expertise that he offers to his clients to predict future risks. His opinions are sought out by media, such as Bloomberg, AM Best, and numerous industry-specific publications.

TSCA PFAS Final Reporting Rule Is Here

We have previously written regarding EPA's efforts to create new PFAS rulemaking under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). On September 28, 2023, EPA released its TSCA PFAS final rule, which significantly expanded reporting and recordkeeping practices related to...

PFAS and Consumer Goods On the Radar (Again)

PFAS and consumer goods has received ever-increasing attention in the last couple of years, as private citizens, media, and certain litigation has focused more on the topic. Now, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) enters the fray with a significant Request...

PFAS Legislative Developments (August 2023)

August 2023 PFAS Legislative Developments August Legislation Tracking (August 1, 2023 – August 31, 2023)Current Trends in Legislation – August 2023Federal Bills Introduced Representative Elissa Slotkin (D-MI 7th District) introduced five bills this month. All five...

Bloomberg Interviews John Gardella On PFAS MDL Settlements

Attorney John Gardella  was recently interviewed by Pat Rizzuto, reporter for Bloomberg Law, for her article regarding the proposed DuPont and 3M settlements in the AFFF MDL. Ms. Rizzuto is a Senior Chemicals’ Reporter for Bloomberg Law that has closely following and...

PFAS AFFF MDL Settlements Moving Forward

Since we last provided an update earlier this month on the proposed settlements put forth by the parties in the PFAS AFFF MDL, a few significant steps forward have been taken towards finalizing the settlements by year end. In June 2023, news outlets of all varieties...

PFAS State AG Lawsuits Increase Again In August

2023 has proven to be an extremely busy year for PFAS state AG lawsuits seeking environmental pollution remediation costs from PFAS manufacturers and AFFF manufacturers. We previously wrote regarding Illinois (February), Maine (April), Kentucky (April),  Rhode Island,...

Michigan PFAS Drinking Water Proposal Struck Down

On several occasions, we wrote regarding a Michigan state court ruling that struck down Michigan’s PFAS regulations related to drinking water enforceable limits, with the ensuing appeal in December 2022 by the state. We last updated that at recent oral arguments on...

John Gardella Interviewed On PFAS By The Buffalo News

Attorney John Gardella was recently interviewed by Hayleigh Colombo, writer for The Buffalo News, for her article regarding PFAS costs and remediation issues for New York's drinking water sources. The article examines the steps that New York is taking to address PFAS...

John Gardella Interviewed On PFAS By New Lede Publication

Attorney John Gardella was recently interviewed by Carey Gillam, contributing writer for The Guardian and Managing Editor of The New Lede publication, for her article regarding the ongoing debate surrounding PFAS and CERCLA liability. The article examines the impacts...

PFAS Blood Testing Bill – Impact On Litigation?

Last year, we wrote regarding a recommendation by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) to offer patients PFAS blood testing for patients suspected to have had high levels of PFAS exposure. Now, several politicians are taking the NAS recommendations one step further...
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Case Study

PFAS Contamination Fines Averted

Our client was a light industrial company that did not use PFAS in any aspect of its business, although it stored several types of chemical waste on its property for later disposal. A fire damaged a large portion of the company building where the chemicals were stored. The fire caused several containers of chemicals to explode and the fire department used a PFAS-containing foam to extinguish the fire. The resulting chemical and PFAS contamination to the company’s land was investigated by the Massachusetts DEP, and the DEP expanded their investigation to nearby waterways and ponds due to concerns over PFAS contamination to drinking water sources. If held responsible for the PFAS in the water sources, our client was at risk for tens of thousands of dollars in fine and hundreds of thousands of dollars in cleanup costs.

We aggressively fought back for our client and spent months working with experts who tested the geological features and took dozens of soil and water samples. Our team investigated likely alternate sources of PFAS contamination by obtaining records from several public entities, subpoenaing records from nearby property owners, and fought to have government records pertaining to a nearby likely pollution source turned over to us in our effort to defend our client. Armed with all of this information, we conducted numerous rounds of negotiations with the DEP, which ultimately led to the DEP dropping the PFAS contamination allegations against our client, thereby saving the company hundreds of thousands of dollars.

US PFAS Drinking Water Standards and Legislation

Our PFAS team provides not only real time PFAS legislative tracking, but also forms coalitions and makes a positive impact at the legislative level to ensure that our clients’ voices are heard.

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  • Financial industries
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  • Supply side sectors

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