CMBG3 Stands In Solidarity With the AAPI Community

Mar 22, 2021 | Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, News

Last week, Our team learned with the rest of the world of the heinous and senseless murder of eight people, six being members of the Asian American community, in an Asian-owned spa in Atlanta. The shocking acts were but one of the many examples of anti-Asian hate and discrimination that have taken place since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has fueled some to lash out against those in the Asian community to blame them for the pandemic.

Our message today to the country and world is that the CMBG3 team decries racism and xenophobia in all forms, and that we stand in solidarity and unity with people of the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities. Violence, hatred, discrimination, and bias in all forms have no place in our communities and we disavow any notion that those are acceptable ways to treat members of the AAPI community (or any person at all).

As coronavirus infections increase, hate crimes against the AAPI community continue to grow, with more than 3,000 nationwide reported coronavirus-related discriminatory acts, verbal harassment, and physical assault. Sadly, these only represent the reported incidents of these behaviors, which undoubtedly represent but a fraction of what has transpired.  Asian Americans have been blamed for the coronavirus and people have gone as far as making Chinese people apologize for it.

Last week, our DEI team provided the CMBG3 team with numerous ways to support the AAPI community. Below is a list of resources to help learn more about crimes targeting Asian Americans and how to stop AAPI hate.

Bystander Intervention:  

Report a hate incident:

More tools:

Conversations/Discussions on the Uptick in Violence Against Asian Americans:

Donate and Support organization supporting Asian communities:



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