PFAS Article By John Gardella Published In National Law Review

Aug 6, 2020 | News

John Gardella’s recent article regarding the impact that a U.S. Supreme Court Superfund ruling will have on future PFAS claims was published by the prestigious National Law Review. The article, entitled “PFAS Considerations From a Supreme Court Decision” examines case in Montana in which local residents asserted that they could sue a Superfund land owner for remediation and associated costs above and beyond what had been agreed to with the EPA decades ago. Attorney Gardella examines how this ruling will have significant impact on PFAS-contaminated Superfund sites, given that all of the 1,300+ Superfund sites did not contemplate cleanup of PFAS.

The National Law Review publishes on emerging legal issues and the articles that it publishes are regularly cited by other legal publications and main-stream media, with re-syndication through LexisNexis, Thomson West Reuters, BNA, Bloomberg, MSN, Bing, Yahoo, AppleNews and Google News and many and other channels.

CMBG3 Law is following judicial, legislative, administrative, and scientific developments relating to PFAS. More information about the services we can provide, including risk assessments, to ensure your business is ready for any intersection with these substances can be found on our PFAS Litigation page.

Our attorneys have been at the forefront of PFAS issues, including giving presentations as to the future waves of litigation stemming from PFAS issues. For more information, please contact any of our PFAS – Toxic Torts Team: Jessica Deyoe, Suzanne Englot, Alexandra Fraher,or John Gardella.


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