Major Retailer Pulls PFAS From Shelves

Sep 24, 2019 | Environmental, Toxic Tort

Home Depot recently announced its intention to remove PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances)-coated rugs and carpets from its shelves by the close of 2019.  PFAS are a class of over 4,000 chemicals that are highly persistent in the environment and the human body.  PFAS are useful as a coating on a variety of consumer products, such as rugs and carpets, for their water and stain resistant properties.

Recent studies on the effects of exposure to PFAS have shown possible links to a number of human health risks. This has led both state and federal governments to enact increasingly restrictive regulations for the production of PFAS, use of PFAS in consumer products, and cleanup of PFAS waste.  Environmental groups have urged other retailers to follow Home Depot’s lead and remove PFAS from their shelves, with the hope that this will block one of the major routes of exposure to PFAS (use of consumer products containing the chemicals).  With pressure from the public and the threat of future litigation for continued sale of PFAS containing products, Home Depot likely will not be the last retailer to take this step.

Our attorneys have been at the forefront of PFAS issues, including giving presentations as to the future waves of litigation stemming from PFAS issues. For more information, please contact any of our PFAS – Toxic Torts Team: Alexandra Fraher, Jessica Deyoe, Suzanne Englot, or John Gardella.


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