CMBG3 Law Supports Rhode Island Center For Justice

Apr 9, 2018 | Community Involvement

In Rhode Island, tens of thousands of low-income residents are unable to afford legal representation when facing life-changing legal problems such as domestic violence, immigration issues, drug and alcohol addiction, housing issues, foreclosures, or denial of veteran’s benefits, to name a few. Unlike the right to legal representation provided to criminal defendants in criminal matters, there is no such guarantee of legal aid for individuals and families dealing with civil matters. These families are left to navigate these complex legal matters on their own, putting themselves and their families at risk. For these families, justice is simply unaffordable and inaccessible.

The Rhode Island Center For Justice seeks to expand access to justice for low income Rhode Islanders. The Center is a non-profit, public interest law center that partners with community groups to strengthen existing advocacy and to provide legal representation to low income Rhode Islanders. Its practice areas, including housing, utilities, immigration and workers’ rights reflect the most pressing needs of low-income people in Rhode Island. In collaboration with the Roger Williams University School of Law, the Center brings together new lawyers, supervising legal staff, community groups, mentoring attorneys, and law students to support community groups in their efforts to expand justice and opportunity for all Rhode Islanders.

One of CMBG3 Law’s founding principles is dedication and commitment to serving our community. We are proud to support the Rhode Island Center For Justice in advocating to increased access to justice for our neediest residents.

If you would like to discuss our involvement with the community and our support for charitable causes, or ways that you can help low-income residents in need of legal services, please do not hesitate to contact John Gardella at 617-936-4353.




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