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Other law firms only draft legal documents for deals or sell you on their corporate finance and governance experience. Where their experience ends, ours is just beginning. Every day, our professionals consult with major corporations and financial firms on environmental and social risk factors that can cost companies millions of dollars. With CMBG3 Law, you’re not getting add-on advice on risk factors that we only dabble in – you’re tapping into our core areas of expertise.

We’ve already saved companies and financial firms hundreds of millions in losses.

You need us as your new partner in the deal making process.

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    Corporate Risk Practice

    Every day, we are asked by companies to help them identify current risks to their business practices and predict future risks, specifically environmental and social risks. This is our core service to our clients, and with over 300 years of combined risk assessment experience, we’ve saved mom-and-pop to Fortune 100 companies hundreds of millions of dollars in business risk costs.

    Financial World Trusted Advisors

    Our core expertise makes us key advisors to dealmakers. We use our experience to help dealmakers identify risks to portcos, investment portfolios and lendees that the subject companies may not disclose because they do not fully understand the risks that their business practices present.


    With our specialization in environmental (climate, carbon emissions, air and water pollution, waste management, toxic chemicals) and social issues, we are uniquely suited to help dealmakers on all sides of a deal assess their ESG program and ensure compliance with the program once it’s in place

    Thought Leaders

    CMBG3 Law has partnered with private equity firms, capital providers, and investment firms on predictive risk analysis, including over 25 major firms in 2021 alone, through private in-house consultations and invitations to speak at in-house summits. We are regularly interviewed by and quoted by the media, including Bloomberg and Yahoo! Finance, on predictive risk issues.

    John Gardella To Speak At iGlobal Forum On ESG

    On September 13, 2023, John Gardella will host an invitation-only luncheon discussion at the iGlobal Forum conference in Manhattan. The session, titled "From ESG to Es+G:...

    Greenwashing Pressures Step Up In U.S. and E.U.

    In January 2022, we wrote regarding the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC's) intent to update its “Green Guides“, which “…set forth the Federal Trade Commission’s current views...

    John Gardella Interviewed On PFAS For Beauty Industry Article

    Attorney John Gardella  was recently interviewed by Kathryn Hopkins, reporter for Women's Wear Daily (WWD), for her article that was published by Yahoo! Life regarding the recent...

    John Gardella To Speak At Dealmakers M&A Conference

    Please join John Gardella on March 23, 2023 for the Boston Dealmakers Conference. John will participate on a panel discussion with three prominent executives on the topic...

    PFAS Consumer Fraud Trend Continues

    We previously wrote about the PFAS consumer fraud class action lawsuit filed against Coca-Cola in New York over one of the company's orange juice products. Now, in the last few...

    PFAS and Environmental Justice Cross Paths Again

    Recently, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) issued a report detailing its findings with respect to PFAS and environmental justice community impacts. The GAO utilized...

    Environmental Justice Enforcement Actions To Increase By EPA

    The EPA recently indicated that it will ramp up its activity with respect to environmental justice enforcement initiatives using pre-pandemic tools such as on-site facility...

    ESG Climate Lawsuit Allowed To Proceed In MA

    On May 20, 2022, the Massachusetts Supreme Court upheld a Massachusetts state court decision to allow an ESG climate lawsuit to proceed against ExxonMobile (Exxon) by the...

    McDonald’s ESG Board Battle Ends…For Now

    Last week, McDonald's scored a victory in a months long battle over the makeup of its Board of Directors that brought McDonald's environmental, social and governance (ESG)...

    SEC Anti-Greenwashing Rules Approved At Hearing

    On the heels of the Securities and Exchange Commission's ESG Task Force settlement order of $1.5 million with BNY Mellon Investment Advisor, Inc., the SEC on May 25, 2022,...

    CMBG3 Risk Analysis Team

    John Gardella

    John Gardella


    Attorney Gardella is a recognized leader in the dealmaking world advising on ESG-related risks to P.E.s, V.C.s, portcos, banking lenders, and non-banking lenders. He has provided his risk assessments and predictions to over 25 investment firms over the past year on a variety of environmental and social topics. He is regularly published in, interviewed by, and quoted by financial world publications, including Bloomberg. He was the only attorney named a thought leader in 2020 by the National Law Review on PFAS, an emerging chemical of concern to many in the investment world.

    Jeniffer Carson

    Jeniffer Carson

    Managing Partner

    Attorney Carson has spent the last 20 years of her career consulting with companies, ranging from mom-and-pop to Fortune 500, on current and future risks to their financial stability based on emerging trends. She is recognized as a national thought leader on asbestos and talc related issues, and leverages her expertise to quietly resolve risks to companies in these areas to avoid formal litigation.

    Ryan Landis

    Ryan Landis


    Attorney Landis has over 20 years of experience consulting with global-reach companies on risks to the businesses due to environmental, compliance, and emerging litigation issues. He specializes in assisting major corporations navigate Proposition 65 matters in California and avoid associated risks with this unique regulation, which has saved companies tens of millions of dollars in penalties and litigation costs. His decades of experience consulting with some of the largest companies in the world makes his expertise an incredible value-add to investment firm considerations.

    Kendra Bergeron

    Kendra Bergeron


    Attorney Bergeron has over 15 years of experience consulting with companies on current and future risks related to chemical exposures, including a specialization in asbestos litigation risk matters. Her practice has led her to represent companies situated throughout the world, and she is regularly invited to speak on risk issues across the country.