CMBG3 Q&A Spotlight: Cliff Pascarella’s Promotion To National Charitable Leadership Committee

Jun 15, 2020 | News

Today, we put our spotlight on CMBG3’s Clifford Pascarella, who was recently promoted to the Executive Leadership Team for the Lawyers Have Heart organization, which helps to provide necessary fundraising for the American Heart Association.  In this spotlight feature, Cliff gives us a better insight into his passion for and role with Lawyers Have Heart, and how the organization fights to end cardiovascular disease.

When did you first become involved in Lawyers Have Heart?

I first became involved in Lawyers Have Heart nearly a decade ago. At the time, I was working at a law firm in the Seaport when I heard about a charity 5k held just two blocks away from the office called “Lawyers Have Heart” and Harpoon was one of the sponsors. As a young, aspiring attorney in his 20’s, this seemed like the perfect event. I did not hesitate in my initiative to get authorization from my firm to create a team.

Why did you become involved with this organization?

I initially got involved because it was a positive event for my office. I stayed involved because of what I learned at the AHA events I attended as a team captain. At these events, I learned about the extradentary impact that Lawyers Have Heart has on research, education and prevention of heart disease and stroke.

What has it meant to you to be a part of this wonderful organization for so many years?

It means a lot, for personal family reasons, to be part of an organization with a mission to end heart disease and stroke, and promote overall health. My volunteering with Lawyers Have Heart is my way of honoring those close family members that I have lost due to heart disease and who are still battling heart disease.

Can you tell us a bit about the overall mission of Lawyers Have Heart?

AHA has recently tweaked its mission to now promote ways to improve everyone’s overall health as a holistic approach to combating heart disease and stroke. Since all the different systems in our bodies (e.g., cardiovascular system) are connected they are all dependent on one another to perform well.

I understand that you were recently promoted to the Executive Leadership Team for LHH (congratulations!) – what is your role in that capacity?

The Executive Leadership Team is a committee responsible for developing and implementing new fundraising ideas, attending AHA events (not just Lawyers Have Heart race day), and spreading the AHA’s mission among our fellow lawyers and colleagues. All of the members on my committee are part of subcommittees that focus on specific development areas. I am on the subcommittee that focuses on new team development. We reach out to new firms and companies in Boston to promote participation and sponsorship of Lawyers Have Heart.

How can law firm, lawyers, or other businesses support LHH and the AHA?

Anyone (or firm) can get involved by simply contacting me! I am happy to discuss the Lawyers Have Heart event, lead-in events like our Silent Auction, and the simple steps it takes to participate. I can also introduce you to Allyson Dowen, the Director of Lawyers Have Heart.

Where do the funds go that are raised by the LHH?  What are they used for?

Fundraising for the AHA goes to the education, research, prevention and awareness of Heart Disease and Stroke. Money raised from Lawyers Have Heart is used for numerous causes, including, but not limited to, providing nutrition education to kids, and providing nutritious and affordable food to people who live in “food deserts”. This year, AHA has also provided millions of dollars to fund research of the novel coronavirus to combat the pandemic.

What is the easiest way to make a donation?

The easiest way to make a donation is to visit the Lawyers Have Heart Boston website and click the donation link.

Aside from monetary donations, how else can someone become involved in LHH or supporting the AHA?

There are many ways to help beyond monetary donations. For example, you volunteer your time on race day, or donate goods or services to be auctioned at our Silent Auction.

What does the time commitment look like for those roles?

All Lawyers Have Heart events, including race day, are scheduled to accommodate the busy schedules of our target audience – Boston lawyers and business professionals. Similarly, my committee meetings are scheduled to accommodate our members’ schedules (so there is always a dial-in number).

Any parting words for our audience?

I hope that I have convinced everyone who reads this to participate in Lawyers Have Heart in 2021!! You will have more fun at Lawyers Have Heart than any traditional banquet fundraiser…I promise!

For more information about Cliff or his role with Lawyers Have Heart, please visit us. CMBG3 is committed to supporting our community and giving back through out CMBG3 Cares program, an initiative that ensures that every month, our team members have a way to volunteer their time to our community or make a contribution in some way to those in need.  If you would like more information about our community and charitable giving programs, please contact John Gardella (

By: John Gardella, Esq.


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