Seta Accaoui Spearheads Fundraising For Armenian Orphans

Sep 10, 2020 | Community Involvement

Seta Accaoui is spearheading an effort to support some of the most vulnerable occupants of Lebanon: Armenian orphans in Anjar, who have now survived a global pandemic, an economic crisis, and most recently an explosion that rocked the country. The damage inflicted is significant and the two orphanages that Seta and friends are campaigning for are in need of urgent financial assistance. The Armenian Evangelical Boarding School (AEBS) in Anjar houses social orphans: children whose parents do not have the resources to properly care for them. Cardinal Aghajanian Orphanage (CAO) houses orphaned boys from the Armenian community in Anjar, Lebanon. Over the next two weeks, they aim to raise $5,000 for AEBS and CAO.

To give back for your charitable contributions, Seta is offering mentorship, resume review, or
interview preparation assistance for you or anyone you know who is interested in pursuing a legal career. Seta can be reached via email ( To donate, click here.

Seta’s efforts were recently featured in the Defense Research Institute’s (DRI) newsletter, which will surely serve to increase visibility for this great cause!  We are very proud of Seta’s work for this wonderful organization.


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