John Gardella’s ESG Thought Leadership Published In The Fashion Law

Feb 1, 2022 | ESG, News

John Gardella’s recent ESG fashion article entitled “Greenwashing and Fashion Industry: UK’s Next Target” was published on our website and the National Law Review. The article was picked up and utilized by The Fashion Law’s news site in the article “Greenwashing Within the Fashion Industry Is the UK’s Next Target.”  The article discusses how the UK is joining in the SEC’s fight in the US to address greenwashing concerns in the marketing statements of the fashion industry. Attorney Gardella explains the importance of corporate preparation and ways to ensure that risk considerations are fully vetted by the fashion industry given these changes.

CMBG3 Law LLC has represented clients in environmental and social related issues for years. We regularly consult with private equity, banking, and investment world firms to identify future risk potentials from portfolios under consideration, and assist issuers and investment world firms alike with ESG related issues. For more information about our ESG and risk assessment consulting services, please contact John Gardella (617-279-8225).


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