John Gardella Interviewed On PFAS By Japan’s Nikkei News

Jun 27, 2023 | News, PFAS

Attorney John Gardella was recently interviewed by Emily Hey, a reporter for Japan’s Nikkei News, for her article regarding the recently announced 3M PFAS water utility settlement fund, the historical context in which the litigation took place, and the impacts that settlement fund will have on litigation moving forward. Attorney Gardella provided insights on whether the 3M settlement will truly resolve the litigation risks concerning PFAS and water utility contamination, or whether there is more to come.

For the complete article and Ms. Hey’s PFAS thought leadership, please visit Nikkei News at:

(English translation of article available through Google Chrome’s translation service)

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Our attorneys have been at the forefront of PFAS issues, including giving presentations as to the future waves of litigation stemming from PFAS issues. For more information, please contact the Chair of our PFAS – Toxic Torts Team, John Gardella.


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