Jeniffer Carson Quoted In News On FDA Regulations and Talc

Mar 10, 2020 | News

In a March 2, 2020 article published in Legal Newsline, Attorney Jeniffer Carson was quoted extensively in an article that examined the FDA’s recent push to adopt sweeping changes to its definition of “talc” and the implications that change would have on both science and litigation. Attorney Carson previously testified before the FDA during its public comment period on the same topic.

With respect to the contemplated changes by the FDA, Attorney Carson was quoted as saying: “My concern is their broad, sweeping plan to make regulatory changes to what one would consider a particle of concern….It is going to impact what is happening in courtroom now and it won’t actually increase safety. It could, in fact, have the opposite effect.”  The author goes on to indicate that “many pharmaceutical pills contain talc, for example, and the same sort of public-relations campaign that has prompted coverage in the New York Times and Reuters of the claims of plaintiff lawyers suing over talc might easily morph into similar allegations that drugs are unsafe, Carson said.”

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