Congratulations To Amaran Toppa On NEC Committee Appointment

Jan 26, 2024 | News

CMBG3 Law is a member of the New England Council (NEC), a group of company executives that was established over 100 years ago with the stated purpose to foster economic growth and collaboration between companies in the region.

The NEC also seeks to encourage and develop professional relationships among younger members, and so it recently formed the “Rising Stars Network.” The program is organized and run by a chosen Committee and we are proud of CMBG3’s Amaran Toppa for being chosen as a member of the young professionals committee with eight other business executives that are members of the NEC! Amaran will help develop programming that will further foster the NEC’s mission among its young professional members.

Congratulations, Amaran!  A great example of how networking and building connections can foster opportunities for leadership in your communities and personal / professional growth!


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