Bloomberg Interviews John Gardella On 3M PFAS News

Jan 4, 2023 | News, PFAS

Attorney John Gardella  was recently interviewed by Pat Rizzuto, reporter for Bloomberg Law, for her article regarding 3M’s news that it will cease PFAS manufacturing by 2025. Ms. Rizzuto is a Senior Chemicals’ Reporter for Bloomberg Law that has closely following and published on PFAS issues for several years. Ms. Rizzuto’s article examines whether 3M will be able to avoid litigation due to the company’s recent announcement.

Some of the highlights from the article include:

“In terms of 3M litigation I don’t immediately see this step slowing down the litigation against them,” said John Gardella, a shareholder with CMBG3 Law, who chairs the firm’s PFAS, Environmental, Risk Management, and Consulting Practice Group.

“The litigation currently focuses primarily on legacy PFAS with broad environmental pollution issues already at play,” he said.

But, 3M’s move “opens doors for international companies to step in and fill the void to supply PFAS to certain industries in the US,” Gardella said. “I think US companies may steer clear due to their current involvement already to some degree in the PFAS litigation and those companies not wishing to expand their liability risk.”

“In addition, I think as more states begin enacting various PFAS bans and the federal government steps up its regulation of PFAS in various mediums, companies will not wish to pick up the market share available when 3M bows out. I believe the focus will shift to production of PFAS substitutes and time will tell if they carry their own future risks and liability issues.”

For the complete article and Ms. Rizzuto’s PFAS thought content, please visit Bloomberg News here:

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