PFAS Webinar

March 20, 2023

9:00AM PST/12:00PM EST

MA & RI Legislation On Fast-Track To Disrupt Your Business

In January 2023, Rhode Island and Massachusetts introduced over 30 bills to ban numerous products that contain PFAS, including children’s products, mattresses, apparel, carpets and cookware, to name a few. These bills include mandates for all companies to report on PFAS content in their products. This requires you to be aware of the presence of any of 12,000 PFAS that may be in your product, requiring rigorous testing that may yield results for states to enact further product bans.

In this webinar, CMBG3 Law will guide you on:

  • Identifying the bills that impact your business with information about out monthly report, which helps your business track new and updated status of all bills
  • Ensuring compliance by providing our expertise for determining how the complex regulations apply to your business, which will prevent fines to the company
  • Corrective actions that can be taken when your company is out of compliance, which will reduce fines and penalties

CMBG3 Law is the authority in PFAS regulations and practices. We are the only law firm recognized as a National Thought Leader on PFAS; are relied on regularly for our opinions on PFAS, including in the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg; and we represent companies nationally for PFAS litigation, compliance and lobbying needs.

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