CE Certified Webinar

PFAS Webinar

May 17, 2021

10:30AM PT/1:30PM ET

Billions in PFAS Losses in 9 Months

Looming Regulations Mean High Risk For Insurers

Who Needs To Attend?

  • C-Suite executives
  • Claims professionals
  • Underwriters
  • Your insureds

Within nine months, federal level PFAS regulations are coming for the first time. Companies caught unprepared are going to be the hardest hit. The regulations will trigger federal and state enforcement actions, costly remediations, and private citizen lawsuits for personal injury, property devaluation, and cleanup. Even just one of these could cost insurers hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. Knowing now what lies ahead is your best protection to minimize losses.

CMBG3’s PFAS team was recognized in 2020 as the only Thought Leader on PFAS by the National Law Review. We are published in and interviewed by media on PFAS, including in AM Best, Bloomberg, National Law Review, and industry-specific publications. We handle PFAS claims for our clients and have firsthand knowledge of the direct impacts on insureds and insurers.

Please join John Gardella and Suzanne Englot as they discuss:

  • The evolution of PFAS litigation to date
  • Predictions for future environmental, products, and personal injury PFAS claims
  • Looming Biden administration PFAS regulations and impact on costs to insurers
  • Tips for insurance professionals to mitigate future PFAS risks

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