Seta Eskanian and John Gardella Author Cover Story of Claims Magazine

Nov 8, 2017 | Insurance

CMBG3 Law’s Seta Eskanian and John Gardella were honored to have their article, Navigating the Haze of Marijuana Laws, selected to be the cover story of the November 2017 issue of Claims magazine. Claims is a nationally renowned publication for senior claims managers and adjusters, in which the latest trends in the insurance industry are discussed.

In Seta and John’s article, they discuss how the increasing number of marijuana legalization laws at the state level are impacting both existing and newly drafted coverage contracts, how the laws impact the denial of certain claims made by policyholders, and the types of claims made by policyholders as a result of marijuana, including personal property and real property claims. In addition, the article details how courts across the country have dealt with coverage claims stemming from marijuana when the coverage contract was drafted prior to legalization laws taking effect. Seta and John provide insurers with tips for avoiding costly litigation on these issues, and examine how the currently federal law banning marijuana impacts the state claims that are being made.

CMBG3 Law’s attorneys have worked with national and international insurance companies and insureds on a wide variety of coverage issues in state and federal courts over the years. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Seta Eskanian (email her or 617-936-4353, ext. 208) or John Gardella (email him or 617-936-4353).




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