Who We Are

CMBG3 Law is a dynamic law firm that litigates, counsels and navigates its clients through complex legal matters that require sophisticated scientific and medical knowledge and multidimensional problem solving skills.  We handle legal matters throughout New England and manage litigation throughout the United States.  All of our law firm’s founding partners worked together for over 10 years before joining together to form CMBG3 Law in 2016.

Our team at CMBG3 Law does not just work for our clients – we strategically partner with them.

We view each legal matter as a puzzle for our team to collaborate on and solve.  No case is the same, so the approach to each case must be specifically tailored to achieve the best results given our clients’ needs.  Our clients know that their interests are our priority from the way that we listen, appreciate and protect them.  We also recognize that not all clients have the same goals.  A victory for some clients means maintaining status quo, while other clients want a “no holds barred” defense.   Our team is well-equipped to provide any type of service that our clients demand.

Just as each case that we work on differs in its approach, each of our team members bring different perspectives to our cases.  Our professionals differ in backgrounds, experiences, risk tolerances, strengths, talents and expertise, which enables us to look at cases and issues from all angles to provide the highest quality defense for our clients.  Despite our different approaches, we realize that our clients hire us to be expert legal advisors for them.  We do not merely provide our clients with options or potential scenarios; rather, we make clear recommendations and respect any decision made by our clients.

CMBG3 Law’s founding partners sought to create a law firm that was different from the rest in  its service, philosophy and culture. We combined the best parts of traditional law firms and left behind the vestiges of what makes many firms flawed.  We set aside our egos and provide our clients with the right team to service them, regardless of who “brought the client in the door.”  Above all else, our clients’ best interests come first and we truly care about the people that we represent.  Our philosophy is reflected in our firm name – each of the founding partners is equally represented and the initials of our names work together to form CMBG3 Law.

When our clients retain us, they know that they are not just retaining counsel who will work for them. CMBG3 Law works with our clients to partner with them to achieve the absolute best result for each client.  We achieve results through hard work, ingenuity, and above all, integrity.

We encourage you to find out more about our people, services and offices.  We look forward to hearing from you and to having the honor of representing you.

Featured Cases

PFAS Drinking Water Regulations: Full Steam Ahead Under Regan

PFAS Drinking Water Regulations: Full Steam Ahead Under Regan

For several months, we predicted that the Biden-Harris administration's nomination of Michael Regan to lead the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) would accelerate PFAS drinking water regulations. Last week, Mr. Regan was confirmed with bipartisan Senate support to...

PFAS Drinking Water Rules: One Step Closer To Final Rule

PFAS Drinking Water Rules: One Step Closer To Final Rule

Yesterday, the EPA took two actions that move it much closer to issuing PFAS drinking water rules for two types of PFAS - PFOA and PFOS. We have predicted for some time that the U.S. could see PFAS drinking water regulations by the end of 2021, and that timetable...