Toxic Torts

A toxic tort is a personal injury lawsuit in which the claimant alleges that exposure to a particular chemical — for example, asbestos, talc or lead poisoning — cased him or her to sustain personal injuries. The partners of CMBG3 have represented companies sued in this area for many years both locally and nationally.


Asbestos is a naturally-occurring fibrous material that was a popular building material from many decades. It was used extensively because of its heat-resistance and strength. Our partners have over 30 years of experience defending companies sued for a claimant’s alleged exposure to asbestos. Throughout the years, we have been at the forefront of pushing for the establishment of legal decisions and standards that have directly benefited our clients.


Talc is a mineral mined from the earth and used in many commercial applications including personal care products, foods, refractories and ceramics, roofing and construction materials, and pharmaceuticals. Corporations who have found themselves involved in talc claims in New England have turned to our attorneys first when faced with these high stakes, high profile lawsuits.

Lead Poisoning

Children are especially susceptible to elevated blood lead levels, and the blame for elevated lead levels is frequently placed on lead paint.  Lead particles, though, are found in numerous other items and products, each of which are a potential source of lead particle exposure in children. CMBG3 Law’s attorneys have defended lead claims for years and are well-equipped to defend you in any case involving lead particles


Molds are fungi, and there are some types of molds that can pose serious health risks. The exposed person in mold cases typically allege both personal injury and property damage, with the personal injuries ranging from minor headaches to sever respiratory ailments. The science behind mold cases is complex, and the partners at CMBG3 have the sophisticated knowledge necessary to navigate these claims.

Other Toxic Torts

In addition to asbestos, talc, lead poisoning and mold, our partners have represented clients in many other types of toxic tort claims, including benzene.

Latest Toxic Torts News

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