Mobile Home Litigation

A manufactured home community operates like a small city with similar issues, such as compliance, subdivision and redevelopment issues, and purchase and sales transactions. As the owner of a mobile home park, however, we understand that you face issues unique to cities, including non-payment of rent or rent control, residential application or sublease issues, state agency compliance issues, community rule enforcement, and disputes among community members.

Our Experience

We Know the Laws Impacting Your Business

Attorney Haley Hansen has years of experience litigating and negotiating legal issues governing the construction and operation of a manufactured home community, including:


Mobilehome Residency Law

Mobilehome Parks Act

Recreational Vehicle Park Occupancy Law

Federal and California State Housing and Community Development (“HCD”) and California Public Utilities Commission (“CPUC”) regulations governing parks and their owner

Haley is a member of the Western Manufactured Housing Communities Association, which ensures that she stays on top of the newest legal issues facing mobile home park owners.

Advice Mobile Home Park Owners Can Offer Residents After Fires

As communities in both Northern and Southern California deal with the aftermath of fires, many park owners are facing tough decisions about the rebuilding of their park and addressing water, ground and other major destructive issues to the infrastructure caused by the...

California Passes Mobile Home Owner Protection Bill

CMBG3 has been closely following the progress of Assembly Bill 3066, the “Mobilehome Residency Law Protection Act.” On September 26, 2018, Governor Jerry Brown approved the bill and it was chaptered by the California Secretary of State. AB 3066 is intended to balance...

We Have Litigated Hundreds of Mobile Home Cases

Haley has successfully tried over fifty nonpayment of rent or violation of rules cases for parks, negotiated and enforced hundreds of stipulated agreements, and resolved numerous cases prior to filing suit with issuance of seven-day violation letters and similar compliance correspondences.

We Protect You When Regulatory Agencies Are Involved

Haley has experience related to compliance and violations issued by HCD. In fact, Haley has worked closely with HCD inspectors to bring parks into compliance and avoid park closure. Additionally, Haley has significant experience with the warehouseman lien sale process that follows a successful action for eviction and she has helped parks comply with the complex notice process associated with these sales.

We Deliver The Results You Want

Regardless of the severity of the allegation, claims related to your mobile home community take time away from the important responsibility of managing your business interests. Likewise, allegations against you damage your company’s reputation, which can further impact your business interests.

Our countless successes representing mobile home management companies and our expert-level knowledge of the laws affecting your mobile home park ensure that we deliver results that you want that protect not only your rights, but also your financial interests.

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