John Gardella Invited To Speak At Prestigious Judicial Symposium On PFAS

Jan 3, 2022 | Environmental, Events, PFAS, Toxic Tort

John Gardella was invited to speak at the prestigious “Judicial Symposium on Scientific Methodology and the Admissibility of Expert Testimony“, organized by the George Mason School of Law for 150 invited judges from across the country. Mr. Gardella’s panel discussion will address admissibility issues with respect to the scientific evidence presented by experts in the courtroom in PFAS litigation given that much of the science related to human health is still evolving.

The symposium’s goal is to provide judges with “insight into how experts apply the scientific method and [focuses on] the intersection of science and policy, the recognition of good science in the courtroom, and the role of judges as gatekeepers.” The program is open to all Article III judges, all state supreme and appellate judges, and state general jurisdiction judges.

Mr. Gardella’s session will take place on March 9 from 8:00am – 9:10am ET.

CMBG3 Law is following judicial, legislative, administrative, and scientific developments relating to PFAS. More information about the services we can provide, including risk assessments, to ensure your business is ready for any intersection with these substances can be found on our PFAS Litigation page. Our attorneys have been at the forefront of PFAS issues, including giving presentations as to the future waves of litigation stemming from PFAS issues. For more information, please contact the Chair our PFAS Team: John Gardella.


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