CMBG3 Fulfills Holiday Wish Lists For 35 Children

Dec 11, 2018 | Community Involvement



This holiday season, the Clarendon Group, which manages the building in which CMBG3’s Boston office is located, spearheaded a holiday gift drive for children in need in Massachusetts. The drive asked tenants to pledge to support children served by the Department of Children and Families in Massachusetts by buying one or more of the gifts on each child’s holiday gift “wish list.” CMBG3 responded to the call for help by sponsoring 35 children and ensuring that each child received every single item on their wish lists, not just a single item. We were especially proud that all of our California team members were in Boston right before the gift collection took place, which meant that we were able to gift wrap each child’s gifts as a team.  With the help of CMBG3 and the other tenants of our office building, 170 children in need will receive holiday gifts this year!

There are currently about 45,000 children in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts served by the Department of Children and Families, the vast majority of which are served by the Commonwealth due to suffering abuse or neglect in their homes.  These children have suffered the plight of severe abuse and neglect, and some are not able to live with their own families. Their lives have been very deeply and personally affected by difficult and complex circumstances.   CMBG3 was honored to give back by hopefully providing joy to each of our sponsored children this holiday season. One of our core values is giving back to and serving our community, and we could think of no better way to uphold this core value than by participating in the holiday gift drive for children in need.

If you would like to discuss our involvement with the community, please do not hesitate to contact Becca Gray (617-279-8217 or email her) or John Gardella (617-279-8225 or email him).



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